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Our diverse background enables us to perform fundamental research to identify appropriate technologies for your application, or to evaluate the performance of existing methods and identify opportunities for new technology.

Key benefits

Rapid opportunity evaluation

Supplement internal capabilities

Experienced scientists and engineers with post-graduate education


Process Analytical Chemistry

Haritec has extensive experience in the development of analytical equipment for use in the refining, chemical processing and emissions monitoring industries.

Process Chemistry

Our background in physics, chemistry and engineering allows us to evaluate opportunities for new chemical processes.

Data analysis and algorithm development

Haritec has over fifteen years in the development of data analysis algorithms including smoothing, multivariate analysis and mathematical modeling.

Engineering and design

Our team of experienced engineers and designers can clarify design requirements and identify the most appropriate technology for your application. We have extensive experience in the design of process control analyzers, especially process spectrometers in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions of the spectrum.



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