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In today's economy, new products are the driving factor of corporate growth, and time to market is a critical success factor. Haritec's team of skilled scientists, engineers, designers, and technologists provide the services you need to expedite the development of your new products. Our years of industrial experience and our highly educated engineering staff provide the foundation for a capable development team. We focus on developing the unique features in your products which will provide the distinct competitive advantage needed for your success in world-wide markets. 

What we do:

Our company provides support services to high technology companies embarking on the development of new products. Our services include:

Research studies
Engineering and design
New product development process improvement
Software development
Project management
R&D Financing.

Our clients are typically small to mid-sized enterprises who require a skilled team to develop new products quickly. We excel at the evaluation of highly technical products and opportunities, designing and managing the plan for these projects, and providing scientific and technical support to the development process. We are recognized by our clients and our peers for our business sense as much as our technical prowess.

Who we are:

Haritec is a team of professionals in the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, project management, product development management and computer science. As individuals, we each bring ten or more years of experience to the projects we undertake. As a group, we form the nucleus of your new product development team.


Contact information

For more information, please contact us via email: phil.harris@haritec.com